Improvised live electronic music

Waterproof is a groundbreaking live music project from Venice. Acoustic and electronic instruments are blended together to reproduce the strenght of a DJset with the feeling of a live act.

The didgeridoo, the drums and the bass are the backbone of Waterproof: sequencers, effects, samplers and live electronics are the upper structure.

The entire show is improvised on stage, which is why there is no concert identical to another. The songs are performed solely to engage the public and create a growing tension in the sign of a strong and determined rhythmic. The sounds emitted by the instruments are sampled, processed, distorted, modified, and echoed in live.
The effect is that of an extraordinary rhythm machine: the exchange of energy between audience and performers is at the core of our concept of live music!


The energy of improvisation

The idea behind Waterproof is that music is energy. Energy is what makes our instruments play and it is what makes people dance: it must thus be shared with the audience. That’s why we choosen not to write songs. Instead we started to work on improvisation techniques that allow us let our musical ideas flow directly through our instruments and react with spectators.

When we get on stage, we don’t know what it is gonna happen. Then the first sound comes in and the engine of actions and reactions starts moving.


Acoustic vs. Electronic

We love sounds and we love to play with every possible timbral shade. Who said that an electric screwdriver cannot be part of a live set?

Waterproof takes the acoustic sound of conventional and unconventional instruments (like drum set, didgeridoo, harmonic flutes, plastic horns and so on) and merges with the electronic sounds of synthesizers, effects and loopers. In this way, every sound is just a sonic source to be modeled and designed on stage.


Who needs a DJ?

The performances of Waterproof are not records on on a turntable. They are a-live! The form is that of a long, shape-shifting musical flow with no interruptions to break in. The energy of a DJ set, with no space for rests, is translated to real instruments for a boost of expressiveness and creativity.

The musical influences are taken from many electronic genres, but no one of them is adequate to describe the whole sound of the show. We love to play with Drum and Bass and Jungle grooves, layering on some Techno beats and Trance sounds. Other influences are Trap, Dubstep, Jazz, Electro and Rock.


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Pure live

Our recordings are often taken from long live performances where we isolate the most interesting and distinctive parts. Ideally, there’s no beginning and no ending, as everything must be intended as a section of a complex sound flow.


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